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You are exploring a tomb in search of a mirror fabled to foretell the future. You discover the tomb is inhabited by an undead queen and her spectral knights. In your exploration you have learned that she was murdered by the patriarchal structures of her own holy order. The method of her execution has denied her eternal rest. She plans murderous vengeance against the living but offers mercy under two conditions. First, help install her as an eternal monarch upon the religious throne. Second, eradicate the bloodline of those who betrayed her. What do you do?

Dungeons & Dilemmas is a collection of system agnostic techniques for designing dungeon-based adventures that engage the players on an emotional and ethical level. The process within approaches dungeons as their own unique narrative structure, and individual encounters as moral puzzles.

Dungeons & Dilemmas treats deeper emotional engagement as an additional dimension of play on top of the exploration, hazard avoidance, monster fighting, treasure collection and other traditional elements of fantasy adventure games. All the ideas, tools, and techniques presented speak to the strengths of existing rule systems in common use. GMs and players won't have to hand-wave away or house rule their games to accommodate this material.

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A Note On The Art

All images in this zine are public domain with the exception of "Until My Last Breath" which is licensed and used with permission from Jessica Allain of Enchanted Whispers Art,

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorJesse Burneko
GenreAdventure, Role Playing


Get this zine and 1 more for $12.00 USD
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I had to drop my pledge for your new book because I can't be supporting KS right now. I hate how trying to move the needle at KS is actually having / going to have a bigger impact on small creators like yourself.

However - I want both of these zines and plan to return when the new one is available and pick them both up.

Wishing you only the best!

I understand.  As an infrequent crowdfunder I just didn't have it in me to research and learn the ins-and-outs of another platform at this time. Hopefully, by the time (~if~) I need to do this again the dust will have settled a bit one way or another and I can make a clearer decision. 

I don't blame you one bit - it's Kickstarter's problem, not yours. And I fully understand wanting to leverage the good parts of KS and avoid starting all over on another platform.


Dungeons and Dilemmas is a tool I always turn to when writing an adventure. It is written in a very easy to parse manner and simplifies the process of creating something evocative and thoughtful.