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I had to drop my pledge for your new book because I can't be supporting KS right now. I hate how trying to move the needle at KS is actually having / going to have a bigger impact on small creators like yourself.

However - I want both of these zines and plan to return when the new one is available and pick them both up.

Wishing you only the best!

I understand.  As an infrequent crowdfunder I just didn't have it in me to research and learn the ins-and-outs of another platform at this time. Hopefully, by the time (~if~) I need to do this again the dust will have settled a bit one way or another and I can make a clearer decision. 

I don't blame you one bit - it's Kickstarter's problem, not yours. And I fully understand wanting to leverage the good parts of KS and avoid starting all over on another platform.


Dungeons and Dilemmas is a tool I always turn to when writing an adventure. It is written in a very easy to parse manner and simplifies the process of creating something evocative and thoughtful.